Welcome to our plan!

Supporting wellbeing, strong families, caring communities in South Ayrshire

South Ayrshire’s Children and Young People’s Services Plan.

Our third Children and Young People’s Services Plan for South Ayrshire shares our joined vision, priorities and outcomes across the Community Planning Partnership.  Community planning partners are national and local public sector bodies who deliver services to families in South Ayrshire together with the wide-reaching Third Sector. All partners in South Ayrshire contribute greatly to the delivery and collaborative aims of this plan.

Our approach reflects a shared commitment to Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) at the highest level, supporting the continued provision of high quality services for the whole family that mitigate against the ongoing impact of poverty and inequality in our communities.  Each priority area within the Plan will be accompanied by a GIRFEC Action Plan specific to that priority to ensure equity for all.

This plan is informed by our most important partners, South Ayrshire’s children and young people themselves.   It builds on the progress of our previous plans, led by the foundations of The Promise and refreshed principles that underpin Getting it Right For Every Child to create a local environment that embraces GIRFEC practice for each individual child, young person and family.

At our heart

  1. Whole families
  2. Young carers, Children and young people with care experience
  3. Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people
  4. A trauma sensitive workforce

Our Commitment

To provide you and your family with the right support, at the right time.  Creating locally placed services with your wellbeing at heart, where you will be treated with kindness and respect.  We will work together to make South Ayrshire the best place in Scotland to grow up.

Our Focus

South Ayrshire’s Plan will make a significant contribution to improving wellbeing and outcomes for our children, young people and families.

Our Priorities

The Promise, Families, Included, Voice, Healthy and People

Underpinning our plan

Early and preventative support to improve wellbeing of children and young people.

Meaningfully listening to children and promoting their participation.

Whole family supports focusing on family strengths.

The importance of relational, trauma sensitive practice and local services.

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